The Game-Scored Ball event is getting a lot of attention

It’s off to a great start. The Game-Scored Ball event, hosted by the Korean Professional Football League (K League) and Chili’s, is getting a lot of attention. The K League has been organizing various events for K League fans. One of the newest this season is the Game-Scored Ball Event. It was launched under the slogan ‘Cherish the moment of scoring’. The idea is to secure actual balls scored during K League matches and give them to fans. It was designed to provide a differentiated experience for K League fans. Fans will have the opportunity to purchase a scoring ball from a major K League game and own a piece of the scoring moment.

The Match Scoring Balls event will select one to two games per round of the K League 1 this season, totaling 38 games, and auction off all scoring balls from those games. When a goal is scored in a given match, 안전놀이터 the referee will hand the ball directly to a Chiliz official on the field. The Chiles official immediately places it in the official Chiles case located in the center of the stadium entrance. This process is broadcast on the livestream so that fans can see the actual scorer. After the game, the ball is autographed by the actual scorer, further increasing its value and rarity.

No need to worry about fake ball.

In February, the KFA signed a partnership with global sports and entertainment blockchain company Chiliz (CEO Alexandre Dreyfus) to create a new sports fan culture. The scoring ball is the first in Korean sports to be equipped with Chiliz’s near-field communication (NFC) and blockchain-based authentication technology. The official case of the scoring ball has a sticker with an NFC chip embedded in it. When the sticker is recognized by a mobile device, it can be used to view scoring information, game videos, and the authenticity of the ball. The match ball will be listed on MatchWornShirt, a global jersey auction site, on the day of the match. Fans will have about seven days to bid for the ball.

Fans have responded enthusiastically. The KFA held the event at four matches: FC Seoul vs. North Hyundai, Pohang Steelers vs. Incheon United, Suwon FC vs. Seoul, and Jeju United vs. Daegu FC in the eighth round. A total of eight goals were scored, all of which have been bid on except for the game 11 goal, which is still up for auction.

As of September 9,

The highest bid was for a mid-range goal scored by Ki Sung-yong (Seoul) in the 10th round. It is worth €2,308 (about $3.4 million). In second place was Song Min-kyu’s (Jeonbuk) first goal in the eighth round for 1203 euros ($1.76 million). The third place was the ball scored by Jeon Byung-kwan (Jeonbuk) from the same match, valued at €1,102 (approximately $1,661). Rounds 8 and 10 were separated by 10 days. In just ten days, the interest in the event doubled.

“We are trying new things so that fans can enjoy the K League in a variety of ways,” said an official from the professional soccer organization. 온라인카지노사이트 The match scoring ball event is one of them, allowing fans to collect and commemorate the scoring ball unlike before. We hope it will be an opportunity for fans to enjoy and celebrate the K League.” “We will continue to communicate closely with the K League to develop various activities and discuss ways to diversify the club’s business model based on blockchain technology,” said a Chiliz representative.

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